Tax preparation

The nice folks at the Canada Revenue Agency aren’t always the best at explaining small business tax law. But they’re usually quick to punish you if you miss a payment or file incorrectly!

Whether or not I do your regular bookkeeping, I can prepare your year-end tax return and be in your corner should you ever see the ugly side of the Canada Revenue Agency. I prepare returns for individuals and specialize in helping entrepreneurial small businesses owners.  I know what will get you in trouble with the CRA, and I’ll always alert you if I see any “red flags” in your bookkeeping.

Take advantage of my experience with other small businesses.  I’m aware of the appropriate deductions and taxable income your business is subject to, and I can help you save money.

I’ve passed the CRA’s suitability screening and am able to e-file your current year’s income tax return right from my office, which means your return will be processed faster.  And unlike some other tax preparation firms, I’m open year-round.  Contact me anytime to get a head start on your tax planning that will help you save money come tax time.

Call me at 778.427.1122 to find out more.

“What’s so nice about working with Sherri-Lee is that I know it’s done right and don’t have to worry. Even when I received notice of a CRA audit, Sherri-Lee told me the information she needed and she handled everything so I did not owe CRA a penny. She definitely knows what she is doing and helps set up client’s books so they can not only manage more effectively, but in the event of an audit, all is good.”

Rod Saunders