Balsam Way Bookkeeping

Relax... Here's what OTHERS have to SAY



"Thank you, great work, I love it, I feel good about this now."

- Aaron Salt, AScT Environmental
(services provided: Bookkeeping Setup in Quickbooks, Quickbooks Training)


"Sherri-Lee definitely went above and beyond what I would have expected from
a bookkeeper.  She found me hidden tax credits, she gave me information on
government grants and put me in touch with other professionals who can
help me build my business.  And she did it all without being asked! 
Her rates are very reasonable and I'm more than impressed with the value I received. 
There's no way I would have gotten this level of service elsewhere!"

-Sharon English, Courtenay, BC
services provided: Bookkeeping Setup in Quickbooks, Quickbooks Training


 Sherri-Lee Mathers is the consummate professional – knowledgeable, puts her explanations in easy-to –understand language, patient and very approachable. She provides an atmosphere of comfort in her home office without the distractions of a large business environment. QuickBooks was highly recommended to my company for its user-friendliness but I didn’t have time to progress through the set-up and months of catching up which she undertook with enthusiasm. Her training sessions were full of tips to make my job easier and tailored to fit my needs. I would highly recommend Sherri-Lee, Balsam Bookkeeping and Quickbooks to anyone desiring the personal touch and a simple, yet powerful program that will more than meet their accounting needs.

-Marg Herba, Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association
services provided: Bookkeeping Setup in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Training


  "Sherri-Lee is incredibly knowledgeable, and it's obvious that she really cares about making my business better.  I've basically left my bookkeeping entirely in her hands, and I have nothing but confidence in her abilities.  She tells me what she needs and when she needs it; I never have to worry about a thing."

- Ryan Williams, Realtor, RE/MAX Ocean Pacific Realty
services provided: Bookkeeping Setup in Quickbooks, On-going Business Bookkeeping,
On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory


“Sherri-Lee is on top of her field. She not only stays current on changing tax laws and regulations, but she is proactive in keeping me apprised of those that are relevant to my business. She also has a good handle on technology and uses it to service her clients efficiently.”

- Garry DeWitt, Raymond James Financial
services provided:  Personal Tax Preparation, On-going Business Bookkeeping


"It is easy to recommend Sherri-Lee to others, and I do often. She set-up the books to get our new business started on the right foot, and she told me exactly what I will need to give her so she can do our reports and taxes cost-effectively. She is organized, professional , and clearly understands the unique challenges of small business management. She has a lot of creative ideas, too."

- Michelle Otterson, Otter Sports & Coffee
services provided:  Personal Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping Setup in Quickbooks, On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory


“Before I met Sherri-Lee, I was struggling trying to do my own bookkeeping. Now it’s something that I never have to worry about. Sherri-Lee not only helped me get organized and set up a bookkeeping system, but she did it with a personal touch, which is always appreciated.”

-Scott Petersen, Comox Valley Sports & Social Club
services provided: Bookkeeping Setup in Quickbooks,  Quickbooks Training, Tax Preparation and On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory


“Sherri-Lee provides exactly what I need. She set-up my books, so I could handle the day-to-day work; yet she is always available for support and is very patient. I have no doubt we’ll be in good shape at tax time, since she knows exactly what the accountant needs and will be able to interface with him on our behalf—saving me money and time. I’m glad I found her!”

-Bill Fawcett, Headway Sawmill & Timber
services provided:  Bookkeeping Setup in Excel, Excel Training, and On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory


"I felt very confident in Sherri-Lee’s approach and skills from the first time I met her. I especially like her commitment to continuing education so she can advise her clients based on current tax law, regulations, and even software. She is very knowledgeable and offered excellent suggestions for ways to keep records, which helps her work most efficiently for me. Her final products are always accurate and professional. In particular, her recommendations for home-office deductions, home rental income and her precision in tax preparation definitely saved me money.”

-Barbara Foreman, Univera Life Sciences
services provided:  Personal Tax Preparation, On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory


“What’s so nice about working with Sherri-Lee is that I know it’s done right and don’t have to worry. Even when I received notice of a CRA audit, Sherri-Lee told me the information she needed and she handled everything so I did not owe CRA a penny. She definitely knows what she is doing and helps set up client’s books so they can not only manage more effectively, but in the event of an audit, all is good.”

-Rod Saunders
services provided:  Personal Tax Preparation


“Working with Sherri-Lee is easy. She is not only friendly and professional, but she is very knowledgeable. She set up our books so it is easy to keep them up-to-date and she is very accessible for questions or support. We particularly like how she set up our system so she can access our books from remote, which is much easier than in-person appointments, especially if something is time-sensitive and we need an answer right away.”

-Ewa Nowicka, Just 4 You Flowers & Gifts
services provided:  Personal Tax Preparation, Quickbooks Training.


“’Professional,’ “knowledgeable,’ and ‘thorough’ are three words that describe Sherri-Lee’s work. She also does a great job at teaching us what we need to know about our books, such as GST filings, so we can work most effectively with her. I am pleased to recommend her to others in our community!”

-Patty Rose, Courtenay Compost Educator
services provided: Personal Tax Preparation, On-going Business Bookkeeping Advisory