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Based in British Columbia, we have the accounting automation expertise BC craft breweries need.

Our work yields clean books, better workflows, and gets you outta the back office and into the taproom/tasting room where you make your profits.

Accounting System Review

Strategic Systems Analysis and Workflows 

On-going Bookkeeping

Find out what's standing between you and clean compliant books.  We'll show you how to get you back on track, help you make better financials decisions, and give you more time.

We'll integrate and automate the best apps for your business, so you can get real-time info on your finances and cash flow. Breath easy and inhale the aroma of success.

Get top-shelf advice with outsourced brewery bookkeeping and controller services.  We'll help you build business systems and workflows to help keep your taps flowing for years to come.

Our Ideal client ?

Our ideal client is either brand new to 5 years young craft brewery, however  established breweries, wineries and distilleries are welcome also.   We like crafty folks!

The owners are badass; ambitious, innovative, dedicated and have grit ! They will do whatever it takes and are fun.  Folks who are willing to work with us and our process' but continually push us to develop and grow. We are both working to get better together!

We are 'edgy' accounting automation and FOH operation specialists who work with your team and your accountant with a proven process. 


Alongside your team, we'll infuse your business with the knowledge, confidence, and up-to-date information needed to make informed business decisions and keep your taps flowing!


Our Ingredients

We're spirited brewery consultants who infuse your business with top shelf support and industry app knowledge.

We understand the brewing industry and have the information you need to make wise decisions to keep building and growing.

We'll help you build a cloud-based system, so you can get real-time information whether you're in the brewhouse, on the taproom floor, or taking a much needed mental health day.

Benji Pays

Just like a beer flight gives you a taste of a variety of beers, we'll keep you informed and up to date with our flight of knowledge.

We've got you covered!

So head over for a taste !


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