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Connect your Square Terminal to save time and streamline your checkout.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The new Square Beta update brings exciting things for any craft manufacturer with a tasting room, on-site store, or lounge. Connecting your handheld Square Terminal to your Square POS is a quick and simple way to improve accuracy, streamline your checkout process, and improve customer experience.

We can all use those little black machines from the big POS companies with our eyes closed, but we’ve also all seen how they can go wrong. Most of us have been handed a machine that has the wrong amount on it, and as retailers, we’ve probably all entered the wrong amount into the machine at least once in our careers. We’ve all had customers say, “That seems like a lot, how much was that t-shirt again?” Not to mention the headache of reconciling your sales at the end of the night.

Connecting your Square Terminal to your Square POS eliminates all of these problems – it increases accuracy and improves your customer’s experience by showing them the breakdown of the purchase before they can proceed with payment, plus it is directly connected to your Square POS to avoid discrepancies at the end of the day.

Processing sales on Square POS is user-friendly and accurate for your staff.

  • When the ticket is ready to take payment, your staff can simply select “Continue on Square Terminal” from the payment screen, ensuring the ticket that goes to the Square Terminal for customer payment is up to date and accurate.

  • When the customer-facing Square Terminal processes a sale, it populates a screen with a breakdown of items, prices, discounts, taxes, and total where the customer must select “Confirm and Pay” to continue.

  • When payment has gone through on the Square Terminal, the customer is presented with their receipt options: Text Message, Email, Print, or No Receipt. Another BIG paper saver!

In a lounge or tasting room setting, this eliminates the need to bring your customer a detailed paper bill and helps save on expensive till tape! Then, the customer can select their preferred tip option and process payment discreetly.

Square’s email and text receipts are a great feature because once a customer enters their information on ANY Square POS system, it is associated with their card number and will auto-populate when they make a purchase with that card through any other business that uses Square. So, if your customer has not entered their information yet, encourage them to do so! Square does not send ANY promotional materials to your customers.

Let’s talk about how electronic receipts benefit you.

In addition to saving paper, the most recent Square Beta update provides a secure link with every electronic receipt where your customers can leave feedback for you and your staff.

This feedback goes directly to your Square Dashboard and is even available to view through your Square POS. Most importantly, these reviews are not visible to the public. Every review starts a live chat where you can quickly respond to any customer concerns and, most importantly, keep any negative reviews off your Google Business or TripAdvisor page.

We hope you are as excited as we are to see the direction Square is taking their new customer-facing POS systems. Contact Us for help with making your Square POS process as smooth as your beer.


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